Empire Builder Kit - History Generator

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Empire Builder Kit - History Generator

Empire Builder Kit - History Generator

What happened before your empire was founded? What occurred before the current time? What about future possible events?

All these questions and more go towards fleshing out the details of your empires and kingdoms.

A small disclaimer - A random generator will never be as good as your imagination. Use this to jump start your own ideas or when you need to fill in the blank. Most of the entries are designed to prompt you and give vague details.


  • A guide for simple calendar creation and year naming
  • 18 catagories of events, such as birth, death, resources, espionage, disasters dieseases and more
  • 15+ sub-events for each catagory to bring more details into the events rather than simply "a disease" or "weather"
  • Each sub entry has a short paragraph to explain and explain what the entry is about.
  • 40+ pages
  • Use this to creature future possible events in your empire and world

Can be used on it's on or part of the other products in the "Empire Builder Range"