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Tags: enemies fantasy Foes Monster Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition


Looking for an evil demon in your next pathfinder game? Meet the Garsham....

The Garsham are demons that feed on and thrive off of fear.  They are often summoned by vengeful wizards and necromancers to wreak vengeance on someone who wronged them, although sometimes they exist in the material plane for other reasons or on their own as well.

The Garsham are typically 8-9 feet tall with a long pointed disformed head and a sewn shut mouth and are bipedal with 6 clawed arms and clawed feet. They are extremely strong and often rip their targets apart with their claws or crush them by grappling them with their 6 arms. They have poisonous blood and poisonous claws.

The Garsham often approach their victims from above by climbing on the walls and ceiling, while not being skilled in stealth, they often catch their victims off guard by approaching them this way. They also often approach their targets through possession. Directly looking at a Garsham will instill an intense feeling of dread and fear that often helps debilitate their victims. Garsham often operate in solidarity and when not actively hunting a target, often possess homeless people or otherwise forgettable people to blend in until they find a target to hunt often killing them in ways to instill fear in others, later hunting them and feeding off of the fear.