Legendary Occultists (PF1)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Occultists (PF1)

The Invisible World awaits!

Who knows what psychic energies resonate from persons, places, and things? The legendary occultist knows! Legendary Occultists is the latest volume in our series of player-focused Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplements, heaped with hidden alternatives for everyone’s favorite hoarding spellcaster! Capable of comprehending the inexplicable, Occultists blend academia with adventure, calling forth the hidden powers of antiques and locales in order to uncover the greater truths of reality. In this extra-sensational supplement, players will uncover not only new options for the classic occultist, but an entire alternate class: the legendary occultist! Armed with an array of otherworldly powers and abilities, this restructured version offers new class abilities, such as Spell Raiding, Antiques, Historical Figures, Ley Lines, Ambience, and sundry talent-like Electives. With inspiration drawn from the real-life occultists of recent centuries, these new options include: the Legendary Occultist Alternate Class, 9 archetypes, 59 electives, 7 class bonuses, 42 feats (including 20 mythic feats), 8 implement schools, as well as alternate class features that replace Aura Sight, Object Reading, and Magic Item Skill; with loads of other diverse secrets to give your master-of-the-hidden a plenitude of powers! Don’t just solve mysteries, become one with this amazing 44-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game class supplement by Margherita Tramontano and Aaron Hollingsworth and Make Your Game Legendary!