Legendary Wizards

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Wizards

Master of the Arcane Arts

Legendary Wizards is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements, this time focusing on the cleverest and most magic-savvy of of all classes, the mighty wizard! This core class is the quintessential arcane spellcaster, a master of knowledge and magic that commanded the full might of the unknown at their fingertips. This book is intended to help expand the wizard further with a redesign of the class which seeks to grant new options to further help you expand upon your mastery of the arcane. Legendary Wizards is intended to help take wizards from just a way to cast spells into a proper font of arcane knowledge with Path of the Mage giving unique options on how to cast spells from memory or otherwise, Arcane Discoveries to further help you customize your mage’s powers, and Genius Insight to help show that arcane brilliance and prevail in even the most dire of circumstances. n addition, new archetypes allow you to take up strange new powers with Drake Maverick granting you the power of a mighty drake companion, Master of Undeath allowing you to fully tap into the powers of life and death, and Gunpowder Mage perfectly marrying the explosive power of firearms with the mystic arts of the arcane. Grab this incredible 33-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game accessory by N. Jolly, Cerise Herndon, and Hal Kennette today and Make Your Game Legendary!