Week 18: Master Class: Cantripothurge (PF2e)

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: 52-in-52 Classes Fantasy Pathfinder 2e

Week 18: Master Class: Cantripothurge (PF2e)

That’s How It Always Starts. Very Small.

While many spellcasters dismiss cantrips as “0-level spells,” and claim they are so minor that it takes little effort to ingrain them deeply so they can be cast endlessly without loss of energy, you believe cantrips are something very much different than “minor spells.” Thus while other spellcasters who study magic pass over cantrips after learning a few—in favor of studying more “powerful” spells, and even innate spellcasters mediate on powers beyond the cantrips they access early in their careers, you seek to master cantrips alone, ignore other forms of spells as a different, less-worthy form of magic that can be called upon endlessly. Your cantrips grow in power, you learn to create cantrip effects your peers cannot, and you are ready not for the sprint, but for the endless marathon of adventure.

Always Prepared