Mechanical Heroes (PF2)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Mechanical Heroes (PF2)

Master of Machines

Unlock the power of technology with Mechanical Heroes for Pathfinder Second Edition, featuring 50 pages of fantastic new character options to incorporate mechanical minions and might. Embrace new ancestries like the techno-organic auttaine with their modular clockworks, the armor-plated divymm, and the energized phalanx charged from within, complete with rich background lore and two dozen heritage feats like Constricting Grasp, Fast Recharge, Integrated Toolset, and Reactor Siphon. Adopt your own mechanical modifications with the Cyborg archetype dedication and bind robotic servitors to your command with the all-new Mechwright class, plus Nanite, Necrotech, and Technopath feats, with over 80 additional options from Cybernetic Physiology and Resilient Chassis to Omniscient Telemetry and Photonic Annihilation Cannon! In addition, every character can use mechanical gear like magfeet and subdermal explosives, along over 30 spectacular spells for every tradition like nanite surge, upgrade boost, eye spies, and mechakinesis! If you love incorporating technology into your campaign with books like Pathfinder Guns & Gears--anything from magitech and clockworks to steampunk and future tech--you'll love the options in Mechanical Heroes. Check out this Pathfinder Second Edition character expansion today and Make Your Game Legendary!