Miscellany Memorandum: Constructs

by Matt Tuozzo's Magicland

Matt Tuozzo's Magicland



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Miscellany Memorandum: Constructs

Miscellany Memorandum is a series of short supplements for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each supplement covers a specific facet of gameplay; whether it’s a new prestige class, rules for magic item crafting, lists of long forgotten spells, or any of a dozen other topics – Miscellany Memorandum has new and exciting options for you!

Today’s topic: constructs! Perhaps the pinnacle of magical crafting, these animated creatures can be a boon to their masters in all sorts of ways – but can become unpredictable if they suddenly spark to consciousness! Inside this memorandum you’ll find several new constructs designs for players to craft or to use in your campaigns, new construct oriented feats and magic items, rules for crafting intelligent items, and more! So step inside the world of constructs, and start “making” friends!