Mythic Monsters 43: Africa

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Mythic Monsters 43: Africa

Expedition: Africa!

Mythic Monsters: Africa brings you an awesome array of marauding monsters and exotic encounters from the myths and legends of Africa, from Numidia to Zimbabwe and all points in between. These lethal legends of the mother continent range from CR 1 to 20, including serpentine foes like the agile aerialist amphiptere and the massive acid-blooded seps, and monstrous half-reptilian horrors like the shrieking kongomato dragon and the titanic tusked grootslang. African monster may be cunning hunters like the cat-serpent kamadan or the hulking amphibious mobogo, but others are swift, silent, subtle, and secretive like the murderous jackalwere and the seductive living mirage. The pugwampi gremlin is the living embodiment of curses and bad luck, while the lukwata devours magic wherever it swims. Most vile of all is the perverse popobala, reveling in the sorrow and despair its predations bring. As if a dozen existing monsters were not enough, the brand-new emela-ntouka is a potent river-beast, a fish-scaled fury that charges on land with a furious bellow and hollows out its foes from the inside out with its piercing horn. Plus, we bring you an exciting array of dynamic traps and delightful magic items perfect for an expedition into the darkest reaches of the continent, beyond jungle, desert, and savannah to the farthest shore. Grab this 30-page Pathfinder product today and Make Your Game Legendary!