New Paths 9 The Priest

by Kobold Press

Kobold Press



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New Paths 9 The Priest

New Paths 9 The Priest

Your Faith Shall Be Your Weapon.

Like a cleric, a priest is called to serve divine powers. But unlike a cleric, a priest enters the field of battle armed only with the divine might of her god. A priest’s connection to her deity forms the very core of her being—and through this unwavering reverence, she gains her power and her strength.

New Paths 9: Priest brings a non-battle, caster-only servant of the divine to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Designed by Marc Radle, this class includes:

  • New class features including Divine Gift, Orisons, and Sacred Bond
  • Two new feats, Extra Divine Gift and Powerful Channel
  • A new archetype: Chosen of Nature, who protects and preserves the natural world

Let clerics have their hierarchies and temples: a priest ultimately answers only to her god. It is both a freedom and a heavy burden—but with it comes great power!