Path of the Mystic

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Path of the Mystic

Mind. Spirit. POWER!

Path of the Mystic completes the circle of secret lore in mythic campaigns, giving psychic spellcasters the tools and talents they need to stand proudly alongside arcane archmages and divine hierophants using Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures! Between these pages you’ll find over 90 path abilities and secret talents perfect for your psychic character seeking immortality! This spectacular new mythic path encompasses the myriad manifestations of mentalism and occult explorations, from those who channel the power pure thought to master psychic discipline and mesmeric trickery to those for whom mind over matter is no euphemism but instead a true testament to the supremacy of their unbridled to achieve total kinetic control over the elements and fundaments of the material world. Some mystics seek contemplative union of mind, body, and soul, both within their own minds and hearts and with the collective unity of all that were, are, and ever shall be. Some mystics would never risk opening their immortal soul so freely, but instead spend a lifetime and more focusing their keen intellect to studying the occult, from the lost lore of antediluvian empires to the time-worn relics of the far future cast adrift on the chronal shore, but where some collect curious collections and capacious encyclopedias of secrets man was not meant to know others seek to purge such forbidden lore and the influence of all ghosts, spirits, and extradimensional entities from this reality! Whether your mystic wants to achieve contemplative oneness, form their own esoteric secret society, or make your mind the ultimate weapon, you’ll find a ton of amazing new options in the Path of the Mystic!

The Mythic Path series from Legendary Games looks to fill in the niches that are not quite served by the existing mythic paths, providing exciting new options for your mythic heroes and diabolical dirty tricks for your mythic villains, made by the same creative minds that helped build the mythic rules. Whether for heroes or villains, the abilities in these Mythic Paths offer a host of great new options for your mythic game, bringing fabulous flavor and imaginative mechanics with the standard of excellence in design that you've come to expect from Legendary Games. Grab this incredible 28-page accessory for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures today and Make Your Game Legendary!