Pathfinder RPG Resource

by Clifford Ponce

Clifford Ponce



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Pathfinder RPG Resource

Pathfinder RPG Resource

Gain fast access to all Spells, Feats, Monsters, and Magic Items for use in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

Multi-tab browsing allows the user to quickly switch between categories.

A convenient search tool allows the user to find any choice by typing all or part of it's name. Option to search the description in addition to name.

Filters allow the user to narrow their search/listing to only the choices desired.

Add, remove, and rename list functionality available for each tabbed category. Track multiple spell books, feat builds, magic items, and monster selections.

Detailed screens show all relevant information pertaining to the selection to make game play faster and more enjoyable.

Recent Changes


Added HP Mods to the monster defenses.


If a single spell class is selected in the filters than all spells will list the level corresponding with that class. ""Block Filters"" will turn this off.


An option has been added to all tabs to Block Filters. This allows the user to quickly switch between a filtered search/listing and an unfiltered one.