Pathways #13

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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Pathways #13

Find your Path beyond your Pride!

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, encounters, feats, domains, and archetypes? If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Phillip Simpson will send a Prideful Coutal after you.

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Game Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Jonathan McAnulty (The Secrets of Divine Channeling), Crieighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press), Steven D. Russell (101 Not So Simple Templates), David Paul (Pathways Editorial). Also you will find the top products with reviews by Endzeitgeist, Dark Mistress and ktfish7, and an interview with game designer Timothy "Hawkins" Wallace (The Martial Arts Guidebook).