Player Paraphernalia #82 The Esotericist (Oracle Archetype)

by The Knotty-Works

The Knotty-Works



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition SRD Enhanced

Player Paraphernalia #82 The Esotericist (Oracle Archetype)

Player Paraphernalia #82

The Esotericist (Archetype Class)

Knowledge is not the province of faith and guidance of gods, and the Esotericist dabbles in the realms of mind and the psyche. Issue #82 presents the Esotericist, an oracle archetype created by Margherita Tramontano. The archetype also includes the "Crazy" curse. A new psychically focused Mystery is also presented that can be used with the archetype or any other oracle build.

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