Quick Generator - Pirate Name Generator

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Quick Generator - Pirate Name Generator

Quick Generator - Pirate Name Generator

Sometimes you don’t need an insane amount of tables and charts. You may just need something quick and simple to help flesh out basic details without going overboard on the details. This is where the Quick Generator is helpful, providing you with a simple one-sentence description of a particular subject.

Pirates can be found in many stories and settings, they come from many countries and were typically male, but female pirates were not unheard of.

The names generated by this set of tables will have a European feel to them and will have a mixture of names from various cultures, such as a first name from one culture and a surname from another.

Contains 4 x d100 tables, with 2 for first names (Female and male), a nickname and a surname, giving you a million possible combinations for male or female names

Sample names you can make with this quick generator:

  • Anne “Blood” Bonnet
  • Marta “Reckless” Pug
  • Mary “Redbeard” Read


  • Issac "Fire Touched" Garcia
  • Ricardo "Seaweed" Simonson
  • John "Iron" Jones