Science Fiction Toolkit

by Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.

Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.



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Science Fiction Toolkit

You’ve crafted your universe and created the PCs. Everything is in place to begin your epic RPG Campaign for galactic domination. All that’s left is to add that final element: sound. Toxic Bag’s Science Fiction Toolkit gives you the audio building blocks to help create worlds that, before now, the players had only imagined. Designed for use with any RPG system, the toolkit will help make your sci-fi games better.

Over 45 minutes of Sci-Fi Sounds!

Tracks Include:

  • Sci-Fi Battle (8 minute scene) *
  • GM Soundpack: Blasters & Deflector Shields (click for product description)
  • Jump to Lightspeed ¥
  • Time Machine Interior (10 minute ambience) ¥
  • Self-Destruct Sequence ¥
  • Cyberspace (10 minute ambience) ¥
  • Starship Bridge (10 minute ambience) †
  • Star Cruiser Rumble (10 minute ambience) †
  • Red Alert (6 minute effect) †

* Previously available on the Battles Collection

¥ Previously available on the Strange Places Collection – remastered for this set

† New Sound

The original provider of Sound Effects for Role Playing, Toxic Bag brings over 20 years of sound effects experience directly to your gaming table. We currently offer more than 200 unique sounds for all genres of RPG!