Second Edition Classes: Wanderer

by Legendary Games

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Second Edition Classes: Wanderer

Born Under a Wandrin' Star!

The Wanderer is a brand-new class for Pathfinder Second Edition, a versatile traveler trusting to luck, grit, and tenacity to see their way through any challenge they meet before taking once more to the endless road. Wanderers may be fierce sharpshooters, free blades with no master, gruff outlaws, or simply on the lookout to keep the peace from those who would trouble it. Their resolve and perseverance in the face of the bleakest odds make them reliable allies and implacable foes. This exciting 20-level class may follow class paths like the Marksman or Peacekeeper, wielding a deadly array of class features like Deny Advantage, Steely Demeanor, Masterful Technique, and Return the Favor, with 75 fantastic class feats from Devastating Impact, Pistol Twirl, and Warrior Poet to Loyal Ally, Rub Some Dirt on It, and You're Next! You'll also find a selection of brand-new weapons and a full Wanderer Dedication for other classes to adopt some of the wanderer's unique set of skills. If you've been looking to play a blade-wielding Bride or a Man with No Name, the wanderer is the perfect class for you. Grab this incredible 26-page Pathfinder 2E class book by Anthony Saunders today and Make Your Game Legendary!