Spacefarer's Digest 005 - Archetypes of Sin

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Future Modern Sci-Fi Starfinder

Spacefarer's Digest 005 - Archetypes of Sin

Indulge in the Vices of the Future!

A spacefarer’s life is a difficult one, fraught with danger. She is surrounded by hazardous environments, encounters strange and hostile alien species, and must often make do with outdated, or even glitch, equipment. If one wants to live long adventuring among the stars, it’s important to be the best that one can be. The Spacefarer’s Digest series contains new player options and content, from character themes and races, to archetypes, feats, spells, and more, allowing every traveler among the stars to reach their maximum potential.

This volume features a collection of seven new archetypes, one for each of the seven deadly sins. In this book you will find the conspicuous consumption and flashy notoriety of the greed-based star spender, the violent anarchist punk rage of the wrath-based psycho, and the leisure- and convenience-driven sloth-based slow roller, among others. Each archetype has abilities from 2nd level to 18th level, and each one is accessible to members of all Starfinder classes.