Starjammer: Hailing Frequencies Episode 01 "Welcome to Epsilon Company"

by Publishing Publishing



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Starjammer: Hailing Frequencies Episode 01 "Welcome to Epsilon Company"

Starjammer: Hailing Frequencies is a weekly publication that adds new ideas, equipment, vessels, races, and more to your Starjammer game. Each issue will cover a different topic, from gamemastering to gear, which will hopefully enhance your Starjammer experience.

Hailing Frequencies - Episode 01 - Welcome to Epsilon Company

Employ the company of mercenaries known for turning salvage into effective gear! The Epsilon Company may be criminals wanted by their own race, but that doesn’t mean they’re the bad guys. Framed for the theft of a device of great importance to pasimachi kind, they went on the run to prove their innocence. Learning to make the best of the gear they possessed, the company has not only survived but thrived on the challenge that their new life on the run gives them. Epsilon Company has a saying: “Salvage, adapt, succeed!”

Editors Note Kris wanted to do something neat and he threw the idea out one day, "What if we did a cool take on the A-Team, but with our bug race, the Pasimachi? While we are at it, let's throw in some cool new gear like an arctic suit of armor for space travel!". The Starjammer design team mulled this over for about 30 seconds before we said, "DO IT! DO IT NOW!", in our best Arnold voice. The rest, as you will read, is history! We hope enjoy the first of our weekly installments of Hailing Frequencies where we get to showcase cool things about Starjammer with new and established authors!

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