Station on the Borderworlds: A Starfinder Adventure

by Publishing Publishing



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Station on the Borderworlds: A Starfinder Adventure

Welcome to Adventure.

Welcome to the Station by the Borderworlds.

For hundreds of years, a mercenary group known as Blackvine Company has fought against the Servants of the Void, trying to keep them from overwhelming the good people of the Cyrollia System. And for hundreds of years, they have failed. Doom now creeps over the final untouched planet in the star system, but Blackvine Company is only a shell of its former self, beaten and wary after years of unsuccessfully fighting the evils which plague them. The insidious Cult of Fear that worships the Outer God Nyarlathotep has spread its tendrils and is now ready to place the final nail in the coffin for those foolish enough to defend the weak and innocent.

This is where you enter the story, arriving at Station Paxem, either as an outsider or citizen of the last civilized world in the system, ready to work with Blackvine Company. Will you be the one to save the Cyrollia System from the Cult of Fear? Or will Nyarlathotep's minions make short work of you and finally dominate the one planet which has evaded their grasp for so long?

Station by the Borderworlds is an adventure for adventurers from levels 1 to 3, pitting players against fanatical cultists, fear eating monstrosities, and the environment itself as they traverse through the Swamps of Fear in order to make their way to the Temple of Dread and stop the Cult once and for all. On their journey, they will find the need to make allies in unlikely places as well as watch out for treachery amongst those they believe to be friends. This adventure features the main storyline as well as eight additional quests, dozens of NPCs, new ships, new creatures, and a fully detailed home base where the players can return and rest in safety, building relationships with those around them. Even in the Swamps, it pays to keep a close eye out for help, as even those who would normally be hostile to the players might be interested in rallying against the Cult.

The possibilities for adventure are endless and the stakes are high. Do you have what it takes to save everyone in the Station by the Borderworlds?

Completely compatible with Paizo's Starfinder Roleplaying Game!