Strange Brew: Skills and Feats for the Pathfinder RPG

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



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Strange Brew: Skills and Feats for the Pathfinder RPG

Witches are traditionally accorded to be possessors of ancient knowledge and wisdom, whether passed down from witch to witch through the ages, or shared within covens, or even whispered to them by their familiars and otherworldly contacts. What secrets might they know? What knowledge do they keep in their secretive covens and wise woman's huts on the edge of towns and villages?

Strange Brew: Skills and Feats answers those questions for you, taking you deep inside the knowledge, secrets, and mysteries that witches keep within their insular culture, and giving you the tools you need to use them to bring your characters and stories alive. With new uses for existing skills, and dozens of feats to enhance characters -- both witches and not -- you'll find everything you need to bring some ancient wisdom and mystery to your campaign.