Superhero Kit 1 - Superhero Names

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Superhero Kit 1 - Superhero Names

Superhero Kit

Part 1 - Superhero Name

The name a Superhero uses to protect their real life can tell you a lot about them, such as their powers, their place of origin or their way of thinking.

This is the first part of the Superhero kit, a series of publications designed around helping you to create a superhero, or to help fill in the blanks in an existing character or NPC. Future editions will cover the costume, powers and more.

Included are 100 unedited names to help you get started with your Superhero creation.

This generator, or series of charts, is designed to help flesh out any needed details you require. Use all of them or just one, they are entirely optional.

Inside you'll find:

  • A system for creating your super hero name
  • Several [ages of tables to help stimulate your ideas
  • 100 Names created with the system as starting points - Use them as is or modify if needed