Templar Base Class (Pathfinder)

by ARMR Studios

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Templar Base Class (Pathfinder)

Templar Base Class (Pathfinder)

Unleash the templar upon your foes (or upon your players). The templar is a keeper of ancient and occult lore, a knight trained in the arcane arts, able to chastise his foes to deal devastating wounds on them. As they develop their abilities they learn to summon ghostly steeds to aid them, and even use their own arcane energies to bolster the arcane spells of their allies.

Each templar pledges himself to an oath that grants great boons to those who follow its tenets. Templars have access to a limited number of spells they can prepare for any eventuality on the battlefield, and with their eldritch hand ability they may guarantee their survival.

A new base class brought to you by ARMR Studios.