The Coven of Bast

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: d20/OGL Modern

The Coven of Bast

Bast is an old goddess, but one never totally forgotten, and her worship began anew with the formation of the Covenant of the Goddess Universal. Bast's rise in popularity as a patron goddess and protective figure began among the imperiled and angry high school kids of 2020s America when the country was suffering its first Powered wave of theo-fascist violence. Originally a faith of the oppressed, the powerless, the outcasts, Bast's worship has become a driving force in 22nd Century society. More worshipers draw inspiration from Bast today than during the height of her classical worship.

Today, the Covent of Bast is the fastest growing sect within the Choicer Covenant. They are the hardliners, the hawks, and the militarists. Bastians comprise the majority of all the Covenant's special forces troops and wield massive political influence.

But the Bastians are also the artists and innovators within the Covenant. Questioning everything that has come before, Bastian iconoclasts have pushed the Covenant farther towards becoming an independent, sovereign culture than any other faction. Bastians are passionate artists, activists and idealists. The Bastians are the engine that drives the Choicer Covenant.

This sourcebook details daily life and death within Bastian culture, the tactics of its military, and the dreams of its citizens.