The Ebon Vault - Orbs of Power

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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The Ebon Vault - Orbs of Power

There's a New Magic Item in Town

The Ebon Vault: Orbs of Power introduces orbs as a proper magic item type, with 50 all-new orbs for use in your game. Each orb serves as a focus for the spells the wielder casts, like a lens that allows him to make those spells more powerful, or have additional effects. These orbs range in price from 8,000 gp for the simplest of enchantments to a handful that are actually minor artifacts, giving a wide range of power and cost, and ensuring that every spellcaster will find an orb that fits his needs.

The book also contains guides and tips for GMs on how to incorporate orbs into their games, as well as support for the four artifact-level orbs, giving GMs a rough idea of how much value these magic items are worth, so that even though they can't be bought in the bazaar, you know how powerful it is, and how much treasure it should be replacing, and generally making these artifacts more user-friendly.

From the makers of Advanced Arcana and The Ebon Vault: Secrets of the Staff, this book finally brings magic orbs into their rightful place in the magical arsenal of the arcane-inclined. If you think magic orbs are cool (and who doesn't?) this is the book for you.