The Ebon Vault - Unstoppable Hammers

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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The Ebon Vault - Unstoppable Hammers

Its Hammer Time!

Hammers have long been an under-appreciated weapon in fantasy, not considered fit for a main character, and always reserved for the dirty, the uncouth, and those with more brawn than brains. Whats more, hammers in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and anything else that use the 3.5 OGL tend to be less effective than bladed weapons. As a result, you see a lot more swords in the hands of adventurers than you do hammers.

The latest edition of The Ebon Vault aims to change all that, by breathing new life into these underutilized weapons and giving you a reason to want to wield one. With over 50 new hammer-themed weapon special abilities designed to pack a powerful punch, eight heavily detailed specific weapons with extensive physical descriptions and backgrounds making them easy to use in your game, and a variety of new special materials and mundane weapon properties enhancements that can be added to a weapon not through magic, but through skilled craftsmanship, allowing for great customization even at low levels there's so much content in this book was had to pack it in with a sledgehammer to make it fit.

But don't think that only hammer-wielders can get a use out of this book. Care has been taken to provide some amount of support for other bludgeons, as well, including clubs, maces, and morningstars, and while there are certainly some options that are only available for hammers, many of the abilities in this book are simply hammer-themed, and can be added to just about any weapon you like, making this a great resource for any adventurer who wants to wield weapons that deliver uncharacteristically powerful blows.