The Eleusinian Covenant

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: d20/OGL Modern

The Eleusinian Covenant

Demeter, the goddess of the grains, of the harvest, of nature itself, predates the Hellenic pantheon which adopted her by centuries. Demeter and Kore's shared story is part of an older myth cycle, the Eleusinian Mysteries. These Mysteries have been reinterpreted and given new passion by 22nd Century America's Choicer Covenant. The Eleusinian Mysteries are the unifying force that binds the Covenant together. The spiritual unity the once forgotten mysteries provided the young Covenant helped it mature from a few scattered neo-pagan covens into the mightiest military and economic force in North America.

Demeter's believers have quietly shaped the Choicer Covenant's unique technology, and are steering all humanity towards a post-human Singularity via that same technology. Eleusinian parapsychologists developed the first of the thought-based weapons known as Object Philosophies. The starship C.S.S Lesbos, named for the ancient Greek community, is at the forefront of human space exploration and was designed and christened by a crew initiated in the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The multi-billion Euro construction cost of Earth's most impressive mega-structure- the Aegean orbital beanstalk- was bankrolled by Eleusinian financiers. With the construction of the fourth orbital elevator off the California coast, Eleusinian engineers reassert their technological prominence in the wake of the Abortion War. Dedicated cyborg Mystery seekers are part of the terraforming corps that are slowly and inexorably transforming the cold and sterile Moon into a garden. By worshiping the mother of the Earth, the Eleusinian Covenant has claimed the sky.

Even among a nation of hyper-educated, high-tech utopians, the initiates of the Eleusinian mysteries are renowned for their genius. The Eleusinian Covenant is the wealthiest and most powerful faction within the Covenant of the Goddess Universal. Close allies with the politically dominant Dianic Rite Wiccan and Gardnerian Lineage sects, they have absorbed and sublimated other Goddess worshiping factions, as the Eleusinian Mysteries completely explore the archetypical three faces of the Goddess: maiden, mother and crone, through Demeter and Kore's shared journey.

This sourcebook details the beliefs and advanced technology of the Eleusinian Covenant, and delves more deeply into the history and internal culture of the embattled Choicer Covenant as a whole.