The Flavour Handbook

by Duck and roll games

Duck and roll games



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The Flavour Handbook

The Flavour Handbook

The Flavour Handbook is the supplement that your pathfinder campaign has been waiting for. This book explores every aspect of food, eating, and flavour. It features:

  • A new base class: The Chef, a master of supporting the party with long lasting buffs while getting up close and personal with additional support options for use in combat.
  • 11 New Archetypes: Including the Butcher, The Fruit Ninja, and the Bunslinger
  • Over 50 new feats: Push yourself to the limits of starvation and power with calorie feats, learn to make the most of potions, elixirs and extracts, and even gain long lasting bonuses from ordinary food.
  • A cupboard full of new spells and items: Spice up your game with a whisky Ioun stone, Heroes mead, and the Chef's hat. master spells like "Communal stomach" to share the spoils of war with your allies.
  • And of course flavour: A Hundred adventure ideas, articles about the impact of food on your setting, consuming monster parts for more power, a close look at how to improve the look and feel of your characters abilities, and yes real recipe's for gnomish snickerdoodles, Orcish peach cobbler, Dwarven pickled carrots and more.

This book is stuffed with everything you need to bring to the table to ensure happy players and full bellies.

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