The Insect Enhancile Advanced Class

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: classes d20/OGL Modern

The Insect Enhancile Advanced Class

Unlike other enhancement protocols, Insect Enhancile conversion is quick and outpatient. The initial gene stacks can be implanted by any competent field medic, and the infection is mostly self guiding. The ultimate 'stealth' posthuman, Insect Enhanciles can operate indefinitely with little additional support. The ease of upgrade means that a dozen Insect Enhanciles can be created for the cost of one full conversion cyborg.

By genetically binding insect and spider DNA to a soldier, the Insect Enhancile gains enhanced speed, strength, reflexes and durability. As they evolve, these skilled soldiers can spontaneously develop any of the phenomenal powers of Kingdom Arthropoda: wings as delicate and agile as a dragon fly's, the strength of an ant, the venom and hunting savvy of a scorpion, steel like webbing derived from orb weaver spiders.