The Loot Divider

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The Loot Divider

Compatible with Excel and Open Office, The Loot Divider is an Excel workbook that will facilitate loot sharing and tracking for players of Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game or D&D 3.5!

The Introduction to the Loot Divider video focuses on the use of the Treasure! sheet. It will show how easy it is to add magical properties!



  • The Treasure! sheet is used to sell items (magical or otherwise) and split the loot equally amongst all players
  • The Players' Loot sheet lets you track which players took which items, so that everyone can have a fair share
  • The Item Tracker sheet is similar in functionality to the Players' Loot sheet, but has less automation for those who do not have access to Excel macros. It presents an alternative way to track treasure. It also features a humanoid figure that can be used to graphically show the locations of objects
  • The Group sheet will hold any items considered to be owned by the group (like a wand of cure light wounds)
  • The Item Builder sheet assists you in using the proper syntax for arms & armor with magical properties
  • The Reporting sheet allows you to generate treasures reports to share over email/text, or to share on a BBCode compatible Forum


  • The User Guide sheet covers how to use The Loot Divider
  • The Tables sheet allows you to view magical properties, and add new ones
  • The Data sheet lists all the available items and allows you to add new ones


  • Can be used even if VBA/Macros are disabled
  • Has all the equipment, magical and special materials of the SRD/PRD, including the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment
  • Quickly enter Gems/Jewellery/Artworks with the '$' symbol
  • Handles all the properties of the SRD/PRD/UE, and allows for the creation of custom properties
  • New or custom items can be easily added
  • Allows for a sell rate that overrides the standard sell rate
  • Supports Copper, Silver and Platinum coin conversions
  • Splits gold equally amongst all players
  • Generate text/BBCode reports of treasure found
  • Can help reduce player conflicts by tracking the total loot value for each player


Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer (PC or Mac) -OR- Open Office (no Macro support)

The Loot Divider will simplify your work in dividing loot!

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