The Luchador (Monk/Vigilante Hybrid Class)

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



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The Luchador (Monk/Vigilante Hybrid Class)

The Luchador Monk/Vigilante Hybrid Class

Presented by Drop Dead Studios, the Luchador is a new 20-level Monk/Vigilante hybrid class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

These masters of the ring traverse the world in search of greater and greater foes to battle. Like the vigilante, the luchador lives a double-life: one as an unassuming citizen, and one as a great hero of the people. Unlike the vigilante, who hides their identity to protect their loved ones from reprisals, the luchador wears a mask to inspire those around him with his inhuman feats of strength, allowing his masked identity to become larger than life while still allowing the luchador to move unassumingly through society.

The luchador is a master of grappling, unarmed combat, and manipulating their enemies around the battlefield before lining up the finishing blow. Through their stable talents, a luchador can become an expert at any of three different styles of combat, breaking down their enemy’s strength before knocking it unconscious with their submission specialization. Unlike other adventurers, the luchador excels at defeating their enemies in spectacular fashion while keeping the villain alive—for how can the fallen return for the rematch of the century if they are not alive to seek one?

This book not only details the luchador class, but also includes new feats, magic items, favored class bonuses, and racial information to help both players and GMs make the most of this new class, as well as better integrate them into a campaign.