The Martial Disciple (5E)

by Quasar Knight Enterprises

Quasar Knight Enterprises



Tags: 5e 5th Edition Fantasy Player Options

The Martial Disciple (5E)

A New Class and Martial System for 5th Edition!

Do you wish that martials had more choices in combat? Do you learn for a a caster-style system of special moves and techniques to rain down fury on your opponents? Well look no further, the Martial Disciple’s got you covered!

Inside this tome you will find:

  • A new martial disciple core class and 3 archetypes
  • A total of 5 new archetypes for the Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, and Rogue
  • Eight fighting schools such as the guerilla tactics of Prowling Panther, the unstoppable devastation of Reaper’s Field, and the unmatched nimbleness of Flowing Fury!
  • 142 techniques to use in battle! You’ll never make the same Martial Disciple twice with this array of options!
  • A bookmarked, hyperlinked, watermark-free PDF for ease of sharing and navigation

Whether a fun option for your players or a toolkit for the Game Master to make deadly NPC warriors, the Martial Disciple is a great option for any gaming group!