The Pewter Tankard Tavern

by Rising Phoenix Games

Rising Phoenix Games



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The Pewter Tankard Tavern

"Welcome, friends, to the Tankard. Sit yourself by the fire and enjoy one of our fine ales!"

The Pewter Tankard Tavern map lets you take the fight into the tavern with this 1 inch grid marked map, perfect for starting or ending any role-playing campaign.

A smaller version of what you get.

Map Details

11" x 8" grid map. It's perfect for A4 printing.

Full colour.

Multiple Exits: combine this map with other 1 inch grid maps to explore the streets and alleys around the Pewter Tankard Tavern. Exits include two doors, a trap door, chimney and windows.

Bonus Maps: pay for one map, get two free. These maps show the same tavern before business or without furnishings, so that you can add in your own props.

Adventure Hooks: several ideas are included to help you put the Tankard to use in your campaign.