Ultimate 2nd Edition Comparable

by Flaming Crab Games

Flaming Crab Games



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Ultimate 2nd Edition Comparable

This is the ONLY 2nd Edition Comparable product that you will ever need. Period.

Now, 2nd Edition might not be coming out for another 1-2 years, and even the playtest won’t be out for another few months, but I thought I could make a ton of assumptions and capitalize on hype to release a product right now!

So go ahead, spend just $39.99 (plus tax maybe?) on a product that we guarantee* will be 2nd Edition Comparable!

You might be suspicious of this product because it's the first of April. Don't worry, this is legit. We have a statblock for the duck bunny to prove that this is an Easter-themed product and NOT an April Fools' Day product.