Ultimate Runesmithing 5e

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Ultimate Runesmithing 5e

Magic is difficult. Really difficult. Not only are there complicated incantations and gesticulations involved, but a wizard has to be able to draw power out of the very air while remembering to do everything just so. Failure generally means explosions. A large number of bright, if methodical, individuals who would otherwise make excellent wizards are locked out of their desired profession by these mental gymnastics that reward the quick mind rather than the contemplative mind. Luckily, there exists a path for them.

Rune magic removes the temporal connection between going through the motions of a spell and drawing energy from the air to power it. By etching, painting, or carving complicated runes ahead of time, a runesmith prepares devices that channel magical energy for him, thus rewarding the methodical over the agile. All a runesmith need do is pump the rune full of energy and aim.

This reliance on physical objects for spellcasting may be a bit of an Achilles heel, but it is also the means to a unique specialization. As the absolute masters of magic with and upon "stuff", the runesmith is an accomplished warder and manufacturer of temporary magic items. While he may not warp reality as does a wizard, a party with a runesmith will never want for constantly-shifting equipment.

Product Features

  • The runesmith base class, featuring a new system of magic with tiered runes in two styles of casting: equipment and projection
  • Three subclasses - the campaigner, the forgemaster, and the projectionist
  • Nearly 200 rune variants, ranging from boots that grant bonus kick attacks to a hat that unleashes guard dogs on command
  • Dozens of brand new runes to replace those that couldn't survive the translation to 5e. Many new 5e runes are made specifically to be abusable by a reworked subclass.
  • Nested equipment runes! Rather than grant a passive ability with some equipment runes, grant a charge pool that the wearer controls, effectively quantizing rune magic and giving those who wear your work an extra trick or two whose use isn't dependent on your action economy, but theirs!