Vast Kaviya Primer

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: 5th Edition GM Tools Monsters/Enemies Player Aids Races

Vast Kaviya Primer

Blood, grit, and survival in a land primordial!

This free 40-page preview PDF explores a super massive planet of primal struggle for Fifth Edition, a new campaign setting and NPC resource currently crowdfunding on GameOnTabletop. Here's what you'll find in the preview!

  • 6 of the tenets about Vast Kaviya that are common the world over (more available at the VastKaviya website)
  • 2 of the 20 different warlords (Tohgai the Awakened Reef and Kalar the Lizard Lord, each with their own mapped lair, minions, and guidelines for how they interact with one another)
  • a preview of the book's bestiary with 7 new monsters (the barbarian-thief, dunia, nature guardian, patukolai, plummetusaur, devastation cockatrice, and devastation hydra)
  • the mongrelfolk and taino-kar (dinosaur people) races
  • the Hivemind warlock patron
  • Mana ability score
  • tips for using any of Vast Kaviya's warlords in a medieval fantasy setting
  • the Vast Kaviya character sheet for Fifth Edition

Download it, check it out, and consider backing the GameOnTabletop campaign before the project ends in early November!