Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of Intrigue Volume VI - Officials

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of Intrigue Volume VI - Officials

Seneschals and Stewards!

Intrigue is a staple of the fantasy genre, and many players and GMs are drawn to the idea of a grand campaign of political intrigue, in which the players face the dangers of scheming politicians, backstabbing assassins, high-society soirees, and similar trials, instead of the usual drudging through moldy old dungeons, killing things and taking their stuff. A proper political drama or heist adventure can be hard to run and even harder to write, but perhaps the hardest is for players to get in the appropriate mindset, and deal with their problems with finesse, rather than a blunt weapon. One thing that can help players get in the mood—and get themselves an edge—when it comes to intrigue is having an archetype that kits their preferred class out a bit more for the type of adventure they’ll be playing. Each installment of Weekly Wonders: Archetypes of Intrigue presents six new archetypes tied to a particular role common in intrigue adventures.

For this book, we focus on officials. When we think of officials in a fantasy game, we often think of fat, corrupt bureaucrats who do nothing but scheme petty schemes and attempt to outdo one another. But while this is certainly one type of official (and one that could certainly be fun to play), there are plenty of more noble professions in a medieval society that don’t require actually being noble. Each of the archetypes in this book focuses on themes of bureaucracy and control, as well as specific official roles and duties, such as that of the master of the hunt, the chronicler, and the executioner. This book includes the following archetypes:

The authority domain, for clerics, which allows one to censure and mandate a foe’s actions, compelling them to do or not do what you specify.

The master of the hunt, a hunter archetype that organizes hunts, and can conjure animals and make animals more effective in combat.

The great captain, a paladin archetype that focuses on teamwork, and can deliver orders from great distances that divinely inspire those who receive them.

The chronicler, a skald archetype that records great deeds he witnesses, the recordings of which can inspire others to greatness.

The executioner, a slayer archetype that focuses on killing foes with a single deadly blow.

The whisperer bloodline, for sorcerers who form the power behind the throne.

Whether you're about to embark on a campaign of courtly intrigue (such as one of multiple official Paizo adventure paths), or you just want to play a character with a political bent, this book has lots of tantalizing options to offer. Even GMs can get in on the fun, as several of the archetypes here are perfect for NPCs tied to royal courts as well, and can make for exciting and memorable encounters.