Weekly Wonders - Fantastic Familiars

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Weekly Wonders - Fantastic Familiars

Make Your Familiar More Magical!

Ever wish your familiar was a bit more exciting than something you could go out and pick up at the pet shop? Do you ever want something that feels a bit more special, but don’t want to have to spend an entire feat just to have a familiar that feels like it’s worthy of the name. This book presents five new familiars with a more fantastic bent, which combine traditional familiar animals with supernatural elements. These new familiars are slightly more powerful than average familiars, but notably less so than improved familiars, focusing on being fun and unique, rather than mechanically powerful. And this extra power does come at a price, as fantastic familiars are more demanding of their masters than others of their kind.

This book includes the following fantastic familiars.

  • The fairy cat, which can walk through walls, and, if their master is powerful enough, even become invisible.
  • The muck toad, whose touch is coated in slick, acidic slime.
  • The resurrection rat, a familiar that can sense death, and never stays down for long.
  • The sky-sea hawk, a bird that is just as home beneath the waves as it is in the sky above.
  • The storm bat, whose wings can create tiny thunderclaps.