Weekly Wonders: The Book of Ten Styles

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Weekly Wonders: The Book of Ten Styles

Be a Master of Many Styles!

Combat Style feats allow players to specialize in very specific combat tactics, rewarding players whose characters use specific weapons, or fight in particular ways. In addition to being particularly flavorful feats, combat styles encourage making characters that function differently, leading to new and unique experiences at the table. While the number of style feats have continued to grow since their inception, their focused nature ensures that there is always room for more.

This book presents ten new combat styles, comprising a total of thirty new combat feats. Combine mystical and martial arts with the black hand style, which allows those with access to both magic and ki to meld those talents to a single purpose. The lightning stroke style renders mounted combatants a terrifying force on the battlefield, delivering deadly charges and shrugging off attacks against their mount with ease. The reaper style teaches its followers to use a sickle to mow down their foes like so much wheat, while the tornado style allows the full potential of the whirlwind attack to be realized.