Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of The Colonies

by Gypsy Knights Games

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Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of The Colonies

Incoming Intelligence Brief, Captain!

It is often said that war is 90% information and, in 24th century Clement Sector, it is no different. While most governments have intelligence agencies which provide this sort of information, the general public relies on Wendy's Naval Weekly as the premier source of naval information. Most starship captains have Wendy's Naval Weekly on their handcomps or mindcomps.

Based on Cascadia, with offices established on all the major worlds of each subsector, Wendy’s Naval Weekly has continued to publish monthly reports and annual summaries on naval development, technologies, and defense news throughout the entirety of Clement Sector since the Collapse event eleven years ago.

Wendy’s Guide to the Fleets of The Colonies is the fifth and final entry of a series that collates all available information to provide a comprehensive overview of Clement Sector navies and their fleets. Each of these books will briefly outline a system’s navy or defense force, provide some insight to how that organization functions and provide a list of the ships or in-system vessels that are reported to be in commission.

Now that information is available to you!

This book provides information on all of the fleets of the subsectors of The Colonies: Peel, Dade, Dawn, and Superior. The book covers every ship currently operated in those fleets, their doctrines, and even their uniforms. The book also contains an in-depth discussion of the Australia-class Cruiser operated by the New Perth Navy providing all of the detail you've come to expect from our Ships of Clement Sector series.

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