Wondrous Treasures - Illumination

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Wondrous Treasures - Illumination

Your Guiding Light!

For many adventurers, treasure is both a goal and a tool. One of the most rewarding parts of a grand and heroic adventure is picking up a sweet new magic sword, or upgrading to a shiny new suit of armor. At the same time, those items serve as useful tools that one relies on in order to face the horrors and dangers that are a part of the adventuring lifestyle. In the Pathfinder Second Edition roleplaying game, more focus is given to giving these magic items fun and evocative abilities, rather than just using them to increase one’s existing stats. But eventually, even a horn of blasting or a decanter of endless water starts to feel pretty run-of-the-mill if you use them enough, which is why our Wondrous Treasures series offers a whole hoard of shiny new magic items to bring the magic back to your adventuring life.

This book focuses on magical light sources, specifically magical candle, lanterns, and torches. The interplay of light and darkness are common themes in many forms of magic, and candles, lanterns, and other light sources often feature prominently in various forms of ritual ceremonies. And considering how often adventurers find themselves deep underground, or skulking around in the depths of night, it never hurts to have a light source that can give you a little extra power in a pinch. In this book, you’ll find:

5 brand new magic candles, ranging from level 2 to 15, including the candle of fire power, the candle of revelation, and the candle of warnings.

3 brand new magic lanterns, ranging from level 10 to 14, including the lantern prison, lantern of repelling light, and the lantern of truth.

5 brand new magic torches, ranging from level 2 to 10, including the hidden torch, the torch of spreading fire, and the torch of goblin glee.