Yokai Races (5e)

by Tripod Machine

Tripod Machine



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Yokai Races (5e)

Player Character Races from Legendary Japan

Yokai is a Japanese term that means a spirit or monster. It refers to a diverse number of supernatural creatures which could variously be described as ghosts, devils, ogres, and genies, and other monsters. The races in this book are either partly humanoid, or have characteristics in common with other humanoid creatures. They are somewhat otherworldly, but have recognizable similarities to beings of the world of mortals.

The yokai are an ever-changing group of creatures. Some date back to the folk tales of ancient Japan, while others have been conceived in recent decades. Ykai are a part of popular culture, including games, manga, and anime, taking on forms both new and traditional.

This book contains:

  • Hengekokai - magical animals that take on human form
  • Kodama-hanyou - mortal descendents of woodland spirits
  • Korobokkuru - secretive and short in stature, but stalwart
  • Obake-hanyou - scions of a shapechanging bloodline
  • Oni-hanyou - children of the oni
  • Suijin-hanyou - descendents of great water spirits