101 Shadow and Darkness Spells (PFRPG)

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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101 Shadow and Darkness Spells (PFRPG)

101 Shadow and Darkness Spells (PFRPG)

So fear your own shadow.

101 Shadow and Darkness Spells gives spellcasters new options to utilize the cover of darkness and the concealment of shadows to cast spells in new and exciting ways. Whether you're playing an illusionist tapping the Shadow Plane, a diviner seeking to scry on others through their shadows, or an enchanter willing to curse others to walk forever under the cover of darkness, opportunities abound to take advantage of darkness and shadows as never before.

Sometimes light and darkness combine and play tricks on the eyes. Even under entirely mundane circumstances, shadows sometimes seem to move on their own, seem to come to life. Sometimes that's because, whether illusory, demonic or undead, that shadow really does have power and you really are wise to fear it. What happens when illusionists, conjurers and necromancers learn to control these energies and forces?

Entirely compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game, 101 Shadow and Darkness Spells expands the spell lists of casters in the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Core Rulebook, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Player’s Guide and Ultimate Magic.