Cocktail Name Generator

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Cocktail Name Generator

What you having to drink tonight?

Drinks are, for many, but not all people, something to help them relax. Cocktails are one such beverage. A cocktail is often defined as an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or spirits mixed with other ingredients.

Not all of these are alcoholic either because some people, for various reasons will not or cannot consume alcoholic beverages. Some names may be innocent-sounding and hit like a brick when consumed, and others are the opposite and sound extremely dangerous but have zero % alcohol.

This PDF gives you a collection of d100 tables that allows you to come up with names for various cocktails and drinks. The actual details about the cocktail will be covered in a future publication.

Some pre-made examples are included as well, to help you save time or give you ideas on what is possible.

Examples that be made from the 90,000 possible combinations include...

  • Cinnamon Tremor
  • Noxious Jenever
  • Spearmint Schnapps