Extras! Heartbroken Heroes (5 level 7 heroes)

by Dire Corgi Games

Dire Corgi Games



Tags: Fantasy GM Tools Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Extras! Heartbroken Heroes (5 level 7 heroes)

Every hero makes sacrifices to help others. Others, however, have lost far more before even beginning their lives of adventure. Included in Heartbroken Heroes are five heroes, all 7th level, who have lost friends, family, their sight, or their dignity. These heroes cannot return home, because they no longer have a place to call home. Bring your campaign to life with these fully detailed tragic heroes.

  • Gillith - Hunter
  • Shenees - Outcast
  • Kiranaa - Survivor
  • Caelvan - Holy Man
  • Deljeen - Elder