GM Mastery: NPC Essentials


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Format: PDF

GM Mastery: NPC Essentials

Award-Winning Book Reveals How To Create Incredible NPCs That'll Surprise The Pants Off Your Players

"This product is far and away one of the best purchases I have made." - Christopher S.

Get this collection of tips, techniques and aids to find out how to inject life and personality into your NPCs.

NPC Essentials show you how to design, roleplay and manage NPCs in ways not shows anywhere else. Written by industry veteran Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips fame, this 84 page book will turn any cardboard NPC into the life of the story.

Also included are NPC archetypes, encounters, charts and an example NPC-centric adventure.

Here's the chapter breakdown of what's inside this valuable GM tome:

NPC Design

The different types of NPCs, their impact on stories, and how much time you should spend on designing each kind.

Also, advice on the different elements that make up NPCs, such as personality, power bases and secrets.

Roleplaying NPCs

How to roleplay NPCs. Specific advice on acting, using your voice, parley tricks and tactics, and many other techniques.

Campaign Management

How to organize, track and evolve your NPCs throughout the life of your campaign.

NPC Archetypes

Youve probably GM'd the same types of NPCs over and over and now theyve become a bit stale. Discover how to breathe new life into the 10 most commonly used NPCs plus how to infuse irresistable plot hooks into them.

When We Practice To Deceive

A short NPC-based adventure designed to let you put what you learn to immediate use. The village of Meremath needs the PCs help. Its being torn apart by the petty rivalry of its three most powerful citizens, while in the shadows a greater danger looms.

Charts, Tables and Character Sheets Just For NPCs

Use these to randomly generate the important parts of NPCs, get inspired when writer's block hits and stay organized and on top of your game.

The Ultimate GM Resource On NPCs

NPC Essentials makes it easier to build and run NPCs. It also shows you exactly how to improve your roleplaying skills so you portay awesome non-player characters every session.

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