Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters Fast Play Quick Reference Sheets

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PDF / Pathfinder

MKoM: Fast Play Quick Reference Sheets

This product is primarily for Pathfinder.

Have a younger player? New to Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons as a whole? With the Fast Play rules from Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters, you can jump right into the game. Better yet, with these Quick Reference Sheets, you'll have a visual que for what your monsters can do at a glance.

Quick Reference Sheets can be used by anybody with a basic understanding of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (roll the dice, add some numbers, aim for a target or goal), and as your grasp of that system grows, you can easily incorporate more complicated rules (including grappling, complex spellcasting, and eventually full character statistics).

Who doesn't love to color? The simplified art on the cover and sheets not only prints easily, using little ink, but the monsters can be fun to color however you want. Play with a purple glabrezu or a blue rust monster. (Ask my niece), Even children not quite ready to capture their own monsters enjoy coloring them for their siblings and parents.

Fast play rules are included at the beginning of the book.

Includes a CR table and basic descriptions of each monster group found in the book.

Capture monsters not only from Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters, but also from the Haunted Eve Monsters Only Guide and even some not yet available anywhere else!