Runesmithing Expanded - The Animator Archetype

by Interjection Games

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Runesmithing Expanded - The Animator Archetype

Runesmithing Expanded - The Animator Archetype

Thank you for supporting Ultimate Runesmithing! Thanks to strong sales, I've produced the following expansion. As always, I advocate voting with your wallet, so the expansions will continue if the sales do!

The animator archetype fills in a gap found in the native three archetypes of Ultimate Runesmithing. In the original release, we had a projection (spell rune) specialist (the projector), an archetype built around a cape rune that gave the wearer arcane trickster functionality (the campaigner), and a way to duplicate equipment runes with slaved "rentals" (the forgemaster). The new animator archetype goes off in a totally different direction by trading away projection runes to gain animated objects as familiars.

Animated objects are really quite interesting, as the core rules grant them an entire customizability engine through construction points, or CP. The animator expands upon the CP system in two ways. First, by expending a couple of rune inscription points, an animated object can be given more CP. Second, the runesmith can spend said CP to give an animated object one or more equipment rune inscription slots. This second option takes an already-expansive system and adds half the spell options of an entire base class

In the end, the animator archetype is all about producing one or more customizable familiars each and every day at no cost, then piling on native enhancements and runes until it's the perfect throwaway pet. For bonus points, play it like you're running an enchanted castle!

Product Features

The animator archetype

Reprinted list of all CP options

Reprinted list of all animated object flaws