Claws of Pelazin


Silver Crescent Publishing

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Claws of Pelazin

Claws of Pelazin

Claws of Pelazin is an adventure designed for four to six characters of 1st to 3rd level. For more than a decade the small village of Kuras has survived on the borders of the Trackless Jungle. They grew their crops and tended their livestock in peace, trusting that their annual sacrifice to the jungle deity, Pelazin, would protect them from the dangers that inhabit the wilds so near to their homes. Something has changed. Citizens are dying, murdered in the darkness. Is it the wrath of a jungle god, unsatisfied with their recent sacrifice or a sadistic murderer praying on the residents of this small village? Perhaps the source is something else entirely. The characters must delve into the depths of this mystery and determine the truth before more innocent blood is shed upon the farmlands of Kuras.

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