Star Log.EM-029: Boarding Rules

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy Future GM Tools Modern Sci-Fi Starfinder

Star Log.EM-029: Boarding Rules

By David N. Ross

Make your Starfinder campaign to new heights with Everyman Gaming’s Star Log.EM series! This high-crunch series specializes in everything from fantastic new aliens from recently discovered biomes to exciting new archetypes, feats, and class options based on futuristic ideology and traditional fantasy alike. Each week, a different Star Log.EM tackles a new, exciting topic.

This installment of Star Log.EM includes: 1,000 words providing a slew of all-new rules designed to allow characters to board their enemies’ starships in the heat of battle, including melee weapons for starships, new starship stunts for captains and science officers, rules for placing crew members onto an enemy’s ship to wreck mayhem, and more!

The Star Log.EM series—Starfinder for tomorrow!