Superhero Kit - Part 4 - Powers & Abilities

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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Superhero Kit - Part 4 - Powers & Abilities

Superhero Kit Part 4 - Powers and Abilities

This is the fourth part of the Super Hero Kit (SHK) and is designed to tell you what powers and abilities (often shorted to just powers to save on space) your characters may have. The source of their powers depends on the origins they have, but the results often do not.


  • A system for determining how many or abilities your character has, how strong they are and their maximum
  • potential
  • 6 power categories (Body, Creation, Manipulation, Mental, Movement and Other)
  • Each category has 15+ sub types
  • The Sub type has a brief overview and 3 example powers/abilities to get you started